About Life’s Little Things

This blog aims to capture the little things that add lustre to everyday life. Paying attention to them automatically makes life more interesting, and I hope this blog will encourage you to pay attention, to seek the extraordinary within the ordinary. It can sometimes feel as if our lives are covered over with a grey static, made up of appointments, bills, places to go, to-do lists. This blog aims to peel away that static and make everyday life gleam.

Expect humorous rants, intriguing encounters and lots of small wonders. You’ll get a post from me once a week on Sundays. Instead of a Big Sunday Roast, you’ll get a Big Sunday Post, and hopefully it’ll be just as warming and nourishing – and give you food for thought. I hope it will chime with you and give voice to your feelings and experiences.

I started this blog because I realised that it isn’t the big stories that define our lives, but the little stories, and I feel it’s important to capture them. Also, I’ve spent years looking for inspiration for The Great Novel, only to discover that inspiration is everywhere, and I’m genuinely inspired by everyday life.

Feel free to join in the discussion and share the little things that matter to you.